Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar Association

Attorney Profile:  Cortney Danbrook 

Firm:  DAR Law - Danbrook Adams Raymond PLC

Practice Areas:  Estate Planning and Administration; Liquor Licensing and Regulation

Hometown:  Okemos, Michigan. Go Chiefs!

Family:  My husband, Chris; our two sons, Brogan and Hudson; and our black lab, Kubota.

Favorite Dessert:  Anything.  Who doesn’t like sugar!

Favorite Pastime:  Bonfires, boats and beaches.

Last Book Read:  My Truck is Stuck! (yep, no time for adult books for me.)

Favorite Movie:  A Christmas Story 

Favorite Song:  Fields of Gold by Sting

Life Role Model:  My parents.  They embody love, the value of hard work and the importance of family.   

Funniest Thing That's Happened to You:  I diligently map-quested directions for a client meeting and headed out on the road with my boss at the time, Perry Adams.  As we got closer we were having trouble finding the client’s address.  We called the client, who chuckled and said “You are in Grayling, I am in Gaylord.”  Needless to say, Mr. Adams has never let me live that one down!

Secret Ambition:  To design and build my own house someday.

Hideen Talent:  I was a college soccer player.

Most Famous Person Met:  Tony Stewart

A Funny Career or "War" Story:  Trying to squeeze into a suit jacket at 8 months pregnant so I could attend a court hearing felt like a “war” to me!  As for a funny story, while meeting with a client to discuss her estate plan, she took a call from her daughter.  As she told her she was meeting with me to revise her estate plan, she jokingly said, “I am disinheriting you.”  At that exact moment, the call unexpectedly dropped.  My client quickly called her daughter back to reassure her she was simply joking!     

Who's Inspired or Mentored You in Your Career?  I have been fortunate to have tremendous mentors throughout my career.  Tom Dudley gave me my first opportunity to work in investments; Lou Nigg introduced me to the world of estate planning; Mary Kavanaugh-Gahn taught me the importance of public service; Perry Adams gave me my big break in Traverse City; Cindy Anderson afforded me the opportunity to focus solely on the practice of law;  George Bearup and all of my colleagues at Smith Haughey made me a better attorney; and my current law partners Janis Adams and Lindsay Raymond showed me that together, women are truly unstoppable.   

If You Weren't an Attorney, What Job Would You Do?  A professional beach volleyball player (if I was 20 years younger!), or a custom woodworker. 

If You Could Bring One Person Back from the Dead, Who Would it Be and Why?  All of my grandparents.  I have so many more questions I wish I could ask them.

Why Did You Pick Traverse City?  I spent a lot of time here growing up.  I knew one day I wanted to live and raise my family here.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel incredibly lucky to be able to live and work here.

What Keeps You Up at Night and Why?  Life.  There are never enough hours in the day!

What Else Would You Add About Yourself?  I feel fortunate to be able to practice law in Traverse City.  I am so grateful to those who have opened their doors to me, answered my calls for advice and believed in me more than I believed in myself.  The opening of our firm, Danbrook Adams Raymond PLC in August of last year was something I never thought I could do.  With the support of my partners, Janis Adams and Lindsay Raymond, we created something really unique and special in the Traverse City area.  I still have much to learn, but I hope someday I have the opportunity to give back to this community and the people who have supported me along the way.

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