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May 2017 Newsletter

Feature Article:  Explore PDF Expert by Readdle

by Michael Naughton

I've been using an iPad in litigation since 2007.  When I speak about the virtues of using an iPad in the courtroom, one key program I always highlight is PDF Expert by Readdle.   It costs $9.99 in the App Store.  It's a document manager like Windows Explorer or Mac's Finder.  Its beauty goes well beyond saving and storing documents.  The real magic is the ability to annotate, edit, and sign PDFs.  It also interfaces nicely with major cloud platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, and Box. 

In this article, I’ll discuss file management with PDF Expert, how to store files in this program, what types of files are supported and how to view files.

With PDF Expert you can transfer files from a Mac, PC, email attachments, and cloud services.  PDF Expert reads most document file format such as PDFs, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, text files, images, audio files and video files.  PDF Expert provides a complete document workflow for most legal documents.

Transferring Files via iTunes

To transfer files from a Mac or PC, iTunes is the easiest port of entry for PDF Expert.  Just connect your iPad to the computer. Launch iTunes and click on the iPad icon. Go to the Apps category and scroll down to the File Sharing Section.  Locate the PDF Expert icon and drop your files to the Document section.  You can either use drag-and-drop or click “Add File…” to add files to PDF Expert.

Once you have transferred the files via iTunes, the files will be placed in a “iTunes files” folder.

Transferring Files via Mail

To transfer a file received in an email, open the email app on the iPad.  Go to the email with the attachment and tap and hold onto the attachment.  Once the dialogue window opens, select “Open in PDF Expert” to transfer the attachment.

Transferring Files via Cloud Services

Connect PDF Expert to your cloud storage platform.  Open PDF Expert on your iPad. Click on “Network” in the upper left corner.  Tap “Add Account” and select the cloud provider.  Login and authorize your cloud account.  Once in the cloud service, tap any file that you would like to download into PDF Expert.  To download several files, once in the cloud storage, tap “Edit”.  Select the files and/or folders. Tap “Download”.  Select the folder you would like to download the files and folders to in PDF Expert and tap “Download” again.

Michael Naughton is a partner at North Coast Legal, PLC. He is an experienced litigator who has fused technology and the practice of law. He is a Governor of the GTLA, and serves on the boards of TCNewTech, the Grand Traverse Economic Development Corporation, and Utopia Foundation.

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