Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar Association

In 2000, the GTLA Bar Association established an endowment fund with the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation.  Donations to the endowment since that time have been through self-initiated individual bar member donations, rather than a focused fund raising effort by the Bar Association. The endowment balance currently totals $39,179.83  

The GTLABA Endowment Fund may annually spend up to 4% of its total fund value for donation to a tax exempt charity, as recommended by the Advisory Council to the endowment, and approved by the Community Foundation Board.  A recipient of endowment funds must be a 501(c)(3) charity, serving the five county region.  

The Advisory Council is made up of GTLABA members, the same members that also serve the Bar Association's Charitable Giving Committee.

Donations to the endowment are tax deductible and eligible for the Michigan tax credit. Donations to the bar association are not tax deductible, which was one incentive for establishing the endowment fund.

It is time to renew our commitment to build this endowment fund.  Donations to the fund can be from any source and are not limited to those of bar members.

Please donate to the endowment now.  You may donate directly to the fund by clicking this link or by mailing a check payable to the "GTLABA Endowment" to the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, 250 E. Front Street, Suite 310, Traverse City, Michigan 49684.

Thank you.

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