Education Programs

Education programs advance our bar association's founding purpose "to encourage and promote the continued legal education of members and the general public."

For Members

Lunch and Learns are back!  When?  Always the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Where?  In the conference room at the 86th Dist Court (Washington Street Location).   How much?  Free for members.  $45/program for non-members (lunch+learning+networking=priceless).  Who is presenting? The noon presentations offer a wide range of topic and speakers, all focusing on practical "take-away" lessons that will be helpful for new and mid-level attorneys and seasoned practitioners.  Lunch is provided (but we know you're really attending because of the great topics and sage presenters!) For a list of dates and speakers, click here: 

Would you like to download a .pdf copy of Michigan Trial Court's Virtual Courtroom Standards and Guidelines?  Click here:  Our own Dawn Wagoneer, administrator of the 86th District Court deserves a huge "thank you" for participating as a committee member for this forward-looking guidance.  Way to go Dawn!

Would you like to be informed of best practices that streamline and improve case flow for your clients?  Click here:

On that note, would you like to see and hear a digital copy of your court hearing in time to submit an order under the 7-day rule?  Learn more about the 13th Circuit's and the 86th District Courts new AV capabilities that has been installed by the BIS Digital, an industry leader in 24 states and 6 countries with over 6,000 installations (See   The verbatim recordings (.mp4 files) can be sent to counsel via mail/or "drop box" within 24 hours of the hearing.  If a transcript is needed, the .mp4 file (or similar file) is distributed into to a rotating pool of about 10 persons who are licensed in Michigan for quick transcription.  No more delays and no more "rush" fees.  Click here for more info:

Interested in skills development?  Interested in becoming a referee or judicial officer?  Michigan has one of the best programs in the nation. For more information, see

Calling all  law clerks: If you have experience as a current or former clerk in a federal and/or state court and would like to join the discussion on identifying and implementing best practices, or if you have topic & speaker suggestions, email the Education Committee Chair, Steven Stawski at

For members who have practice experience in both the trial and appellate divisions of Michigan's One Court of Justice and/or the Federal District Courts for the Western/Eastern Districts of Michigan and the Sixth Circuit, please consider participating in advanced round tables.  Contact Steven Stawski for more information.

For the General Public

Are you a community member, volunteer, college student, high school student?  Are you a journalist that has been tasked with covering the courts?  Would it be helpful to have a general overview of courts and how they work?  Click here.

2023 Law Day Essay Contest for high school students.  The Education Committee is planning to host an essay competition for high school students.   Essay topics and program details to be announced in the February 2023.  Winning essays to be announced on law day 2023.    See for 2022 events. 

Looking for a job in the legal field?  Be part of Michigan courts' exciting evolution to digital a/v recording of court proceedings! Are you a bailiff that is looking to be cross-trained like bailiffs in similar-sized counties?  For example, the bailiffs in Michigan's 14th Circuit Court are the most recent to be trained as court recorders.  Train to become a Certified Electronic Recorder or Certified Electronic Reporter.  See  . MCR 4.407(G)(5)'s mandatory recording rule became effective on 7/26/21.  Public funds have been used to update the 13th Circuit's and the 86th District Court's a/v recording systems so that verifiable transcripts can be quickly made from the digital recordings.   For an example of how this new system is implemented for quick and accurate transcript turn-around, see   

General info (re case flow, court forms, where to file, virtual court directory etc) can be found by clicking "For the Public" on the toolbar.